If you were unable to attend Credential Distribution on May 11th, you will be mailed a letter with instructions for obtaining your credentials. If you registered May 20th or later, please refer to your email confirmation for credential pickup details. For more information on volunteering, please see the FAQ's above and review the Volunteer Handbook under Volunteer Resources in the right sidebar.

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Committee Co-chairs Email
Bears for Children's Beth Branstiter, Meg Patten
Concessions Courtney Grant, Christina Copeland
Courtesy Cars / Transportation Jean Gans, Sally Wood (Transportation), Lauretta Godbout, Lynda Gage (Courtesy Cars),
Credentials Dick Curtis, Amy Andrews, Jessica Ossege
Cub Care Terri Heaphy, Christy Charvat
Disabled Services Nancy Minton, Travis Kerzee
Hospitality Lisa Colosimo, Jennifer Bollinger
Leader Boards Michele Joseph, Gay Metz
Marshals Barb Miles, Ike Wampler
Memorial Patron Will Call and VIP Courtesy Center Susan Long, Jennifer Russell
Mobile Device Courtesy Committee (MDCC) Joyce Wimmers, Ann Otte Hunger
Patron Information Beth Fitzgerald, Donna LeCrone
Player Evacuation Ann Otte Hunger, Joyce Wimmers
Sandwich Factory Michelle Scott, Patty Dixon
Scoring and Data Control Kelly Rogers, Teri Slick
Shuttle Bus Ambassador Chris Stiffler
Shuttle Drivers Chris Stiffler
Status Boards Michele Joseph, Gay Metz
Supply Distribution Tom Nolan, Bill Shulack
Volunteer Committee Marigale Rice, Susan Houser